It was a pleasure doing business with you. Thanks so much for making this happen.

Rich Bergstrom - Ceramcor, LLC - Xtrema Cookware


All of us at OSF HealthCare, as well as the INI, appreciate the smoothness with which the transaction occurred, and your willingness to work with us in terms of the direct payment. We now have total control of the domain and are readying to use it as we launch the new INI Web. Thanks so much for your personal work and cooperation in this transaction.

Lynn Woller - Manager OSF HealthCare


We are thanking you for the quick and reliable service provided with the purchase of YARR.com.

Al Rushaid


Thank you for a hassle free and efficient transfer. It was a pleasure to do business with you.

Matt Wheeler


Thanks for your help with purchasing this domain- and let Andrew know the work he is doing through Heroes of the Nation (HTN.ORG) is amazing!

Erwin Loh


I am a businessman and dealing with the Internet is not my favorite area of expertise. I have worked with several Domain Name companies and Domain Source is by far the most user friendly, customer service oriented, and conscientious Domain Service - period.

The staff has gone far beyond the call of duty to help with our Domain needs. No headaches, no wondering if something is going to get done. I make a request and I go back to doing my business. I know the staff at Domain Source will service my request extremely well, because they really care. You will never regret working with these people.

Steve Yager - Yager & Associates


I was and still am fairly new at buying and transferring domain names so I was a bit hesitant and concerned about the unknown ahead of me.

It was a pleasure however dealing with Domain Source as they have a very simple process that they guided me through and in which I felt safe the whole way along. Thanks you for your professionalism - it has been a pleasure dealing with you. Thanks and go well.

Nicholas S. Barnett


My transaction with you for AndrewBennett.com was very positive. I appreciated your quick response and personal attention. I was not interacting with an automated system but with a real human being. You took the time to learn about my company to assess the value of the domain name to my business. The negotiation process was respectful and efficient and the transition of the name to me was easy.

Andrew Bennett